Characteristics of the Artwork
  • Acrylic on board + engraved aluminum plate
  • 23.5 x 65cm / Divisible diptych
  • Framed with mahogany trim
  • 1991

Artwork Information
  • HGHWAY TO HUNGER: In the late seventies he produced his first pictorial works of a hyperrealist nature, in whichdreams and a magical vision are interwoven with pop intentions and distortions. The series Highway to Hunger, again employs fragments faithfully copied and cut out from the earlyhyperrealist works, though in obedience to a caustic outlook. These fragments make upsmall-format pictures and form diptychs with aluminium plates which augur some kind ofeconomic crisis. Irony and black humour frame reflections on the art market and the valueof figurative painting as merchandise that is simultaneously prized and scorned.
  • Text by Santiago Olmo for the catalog “Spain at the XXIV Bienal Internacional de Sao Paul”. 1998