Geographic desert

Characteristics of the Artwork
  • Digital color photography
  • 205 x 100cm
  • 2 copies. Limited serie. 2/3 copy is framed with black frame and methacrylate
  • 2007
Artwork Information
  • Antoni Socias
  • Costumbrist Scenes: Clearly, in Costumbrist Scenes, there is a certain shameless usage of the characters. These are portraits and actions that stem from conversations in high voices with the people closest to one. A stranger would never be a good model or a suitable character for a costumbrist scene. 
  • These scenes have no method and yet, at the same time, are delivered methodically in their instantaneous conceptualisation and subsequent development. They usually occur at the most unpredictable moments when, as a result of the mind of their creator, certain tactical assumptions are solidified, converging at the same time with effervescent situations, settings or contexts. From familiar photography to the conquest of the unusual.
  • There is a certain “Theory of the costumbrist scene” in the shadows, lying beneath, in the framework of this work; a theory that will very possibly never be written by its author, because everything that needs to be transmitted is already expressed by these images.