Joseph Kosuth did but with other sense 1 Cabané I n2

Characteristics of the Artwork
  • Polychrome stone, dyed cotton rope and iron
  • 1450 x 70 x 62cm
  • 1988

Artwork Information
  • Antoni Socias
  • My relationship with the world of volumes has always been really special. I consider myself to be a sculptor, among many other trades, but I don’t want to take it up seriously for reasons which are as numerous as they are diverse. Nor do I wish to do so in the other disciplines I’m involved in, precisely because I have a panic attack every time the specter of slavish professions appears before me; and most particularly when we’re talking about heavy subject matter. My real calling is an unbridled ‘mental workshop.’ (Paulo Herkenhoff wrote that for me). For that reason, and because chipping away at rocks and cutting up strips of metal is dirty, tiresome work, every time I feel the calling of stone, instead of holing up in my studio, which would be the logical thing to do, I hit the streets and set up any place that’s not home. On a work site, or at the foot of a carob tree, or on the lee side of a welcoming wall. I have to assume that until now, it has been entirely coincidental, although I could also attribute it to the ravings of my constantly fermenting mind; and as a final possibility, and one with which I don’t feel entirely comfortable, I admit that there could even be a smidgen of exhibitionism on my part in all this.