Ezequiel is an artist who creates a bond with the work and the observer when appreciating the pampered details of his works, transporting us to a world of fantasies, a journey to other worlds just by using the sight.
The vast majority of the times we have met, Ezequiel always takes with him his faithful and inseparable friend, his notebook.

In his work on paper it is worth mentioning the representation of the essence of characteristic spaces of the island of Mallorca, as in “CUADERNO HORIZONTAL EXTERIORS”.

The characters created by the artist are very diverse in CUADERNO OXIGENO 2013-2019 where spiritual introspection, the dream world and its reality intermingle with the search for stages of human existence, using energetic and symbolic images along with elements of the plant world and urban environments.

The influence of the world of comics is also reflected in the artist’s work, both in its graphic-plastic facet and in its narrative and compositional qualities.

Among his works stands out his passion for the study of the portrait, both psychological and figurative, among a great variety of stylistic influences. Playing with different techniques, his result is always electric, precious and immersive. 

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EZEQUIEL CÁNOVAS. Palma de Mallorca. 1981.

Ezequiel Cánovas born Palma de Mallorca in 1981.
He starts painting graffiti in the street in 1995.
He discovers the world of art and dedicates himself to drawing, painting and 3d design since then.

The artist is a born creator who, in addition to being a draftsman, muralist and graphic artist, also captures his inspirations on canvas using a wide chromatic range, always playing with contrasts.


2012 – Exhibition V1 “Chinese ink paper 50x70cm horizontal format” in Sa Possessió, Palma de Mallorca.
2012 -Exhibition V2 “Chinese ink, paper size din A2 and as a theme, the creation of a character invented between two or three participants” in Siset, C/ Concepció 5, Palma de Mallorca.


On a technical level, he has no qualms about using any medium or tool with which he feels comfortable creating. He masters traditional techniques such as graphite, ink, watercolor, oil and spray. He is also comfortable with digital media such as 3d modeling and animation as well as in the assembly of multimedia pieces.