Oniric Omnia

Oniric Omnia has a special gift for creating art. Her passion can be enjoyed in each of her works with which she creates a magnetism that grabs your attention when you contemplate them.

Her works transmit energies that convey comfort, just like a balm of peace.

The theme of her work, in terms of illustration, is closely linked to color, astrology, tarot, sacred geometry and everything that is related to the cosmology of the various native and primitive cultures.

How to transfer all that ancestral knowledge to paper is the true journey.

In the branch of painting, both color and abstraction predominate, inspiration leaving the painting to form its own drawing, with geometric details in its end to form a balance between freedom and precision.

It uses art as a mean, not only of expression, but as a way of self-knowledge, as a wakeup call to develop the innate capacity that we all must CONNECT with our inner wisdom, CHANNEL (through dreams, smells, colors, people, stories, …) and CREATE.


ArtDrei 2022


Oniric Omnia. Palama de Mallorca. 1990.



Besides being an upcoming artist Oniric Omnia has exposed in different collective expositions in Mallorca and Barcelona.tes, Japan, Sweden,