The History Of Art

The History Of Art


Creating Art


When you have the materials, the tools, and the imagination you have all the ingredients you need to create something you want to share with others or to capture a feeling in something material.

  • When you are cooking you are creating.
  • When a craftsman creates his piece, he is creating art. 
  • When a writer writes he is creating a work of art.
  • When a composer writes a score it is art.
Art is a form of expression of the human being, through sensations creations arise.


Beginning of painting


The first engravings found were made more than 400,000 years ago by ‘Homo erectus’ and are the oldest works of art to date. At that time humans made engravings and drawings on the walls and ceilings of caves.


Rock painting


It is quite likely that in prehistoric times these caves were used for religious purposes. Engravings have also been found in outdoor areas with less protection and more accessibility. At that time, they used to use two colors and the most common color used at that time was red as well as white, ochre, black and yellow. 

The ingredients of the colors were minerals and vegetable charcoals that were mixed with resins and fats in order to achieve a better texture and fixation on the surface.


Art has evolved a lot over the years, creation has no limits.




The original wall art is now booming, Banksy’s market is today one of the most profitable in the world. The artist’s works claim for human rights in the world and through his modern paintings. At the moment no photos of the artist have been found as he wants to live in anonymity. Thanks to Banksy, British street art is one of the most sought after by investors, he has one of the coolest artworks in the art world today.


“We don’t need more heroes, just someone to take out the trash.” Banksy


It started with painting on walls and skins followed by paintings on paper and paintings on canvas. 

History tells us that paper was created in China in 105 A.D. Since then, paper art has varied greatly. From hand drawings to prints. Thanks to man-made technology we can create digital art. The armed canvas was first used in Venice in the 15th century. The fabrics used were cotton, linen, or hemp. From the 17th century onwards, paintings on wooden boards were no longer common in Europe.


Art and Business


The world’s greatest works of art have been painted on canvas creating a wide variety of original paintings, which is now exclusive art for sale and expensive art for sale.

The most famous original art for sale was the Salvator Mundi” Leonardo da Vinci (1490-1519) sold by $ 450.3 millions. 


  Salvator Mundi- Leonardo da Vinci


Among the twenty artists in the world who have painted valuable works are Mark Rothko, Peter Paul Rubens, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Andy Warhol, Vincent van Gogh, and others. We are in an era in which art and business go hand in hand. It is not easy to make a living from art, although we now have more tools to promote ourselves.


The artist


The creator of art, the artist, is the one who inspires us, transmits us, and shares his sensations and thoughts through his creation. 

This connection between artist and spectator creates a bond that makes the spectator feel the artist’s message.

Some of the definitions of artist:

  1. A person who cultivates any of the fine arts.
  2. A person endowed with the ability or skill necessary for one of the fine arts.




Culture has always been linked to civilization; many of the world’s different ethnic groups have a rich past in paintings and sculptures.

The history of the first civilizations shows us that the cultures of the peoples of the East developed from the IV millennium, from then on a cultural evolution of humanity would begin, also caused by the formation of large cities such as Mesopotamia and the rise of writing in stone, pictographic writing. 

Sculpture, painting, engravings, writing, architecture are several examples where the forms of culture of different civilizations such as the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Egyptians, etc. are reflected.




Nowadays you can buy art in all its forms and expressions, technology gives us the opportunity to have more access to the information we need to buy art. 

From young artists’ paintings to expensive artwork for sale. It is also important to consider that buying and selling online is a safe way to buy and sell art.


Contemporary Art

Contemporary art, contemporary paintings are a reflection of our current state, from its beginnings in the twentieth century until today there is a breakthrough and a great variety in techniques and disciplines used.

Now you can buy and sell modern art from your home, buy artwork online gallery, many online sales platforms dedicated to the exclusive sale of works of art. Here you can buy contemporary art online, buy original paintings, buy prints, sculptures, photographs, and digital art.


Digital art


The creation of digital art is possible thanks to artificial intelligence.

If a person is interested in starting to paint, they can always find painting ideas for beginners on the Internet as well as using digital drawing on a tablet, there are several software packages that can help. Digital art is a concept that has caused much debate in artistic circles, often not accepted by many purist artists, who see it more as a technical skill than an artistic manifestation.


“The artwork is a cry for freedom”. – Christo Javacheff


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